A Love Letter to the Vaccine Hesitant

My mission is to help all people sort through the misinformation and BS to make the BEST health and wellness decisions they can. Holistic doesn’t mean anti-medicine. Quite the opposite, actually. Holistic means whole body, and conventional, appropriate medical interventions are a big part of my model for true holistic care, the Wellness Pyramid. Translated …

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Ep. 72 Summertime is Lyme Season

In This Episode No summer day is complete without a tick check because Lyme Disease is a total drag. Neal brushes up on his Lyme knowledge to tell us about what kind of illness Lyme is, the different stages, how it’s treated, and the possible lingering effects. He also enlightens us about a dark struggle …

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Ep. 40 Cancer Hope Coach

In This Episode To say that Tara Ryan is a cancer survivor is an understatement.  She is a champion who has survived multiple diagnoses and surgeries – experiences that have brought her to counseling newly diagnosed cancer patients. On today’s podcast, Tara speaks with Neal about her story, from her first diagnosis to losing own father to cancer. …

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Ep. 26 Mouth-Watering Dentistry

In This Episode Neal speaks with Dr. Claudia Patch to explore why dental hygiene is among the most important parts of overall health. Dr. Patch explains how sugar leads directly to tooth decay, and which tooth care habits are most important to maintain at a bare minimum. Neal and Claudia also explore the effect of acid …

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