Immune Health: Take This, Not That

In a previous rant, I stated that COVID has made me come to grips with a fact I’ve been avoiding: my uphill battle of getting good information out into the world that will result in changed behavior is more uphill than I had imagined. Even at 40 I still have that optimistic, idealistic shine! How charming, right? I’m …

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I Have High Blood Pressure!

Man, oh man, it has been a fun few months! I’ve avoided COVID, but I don’t come out of these “unusual times” without a medical problem… “So you’re saying that I get to lose money due to the lockdown, not see family or friends for months, have to work harder than ever, worry over my …

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Unhealthy Pandemic Habits

There are a few behavior patterns emerging in our shelter-at-home state that we should address, as they move us farther away from the optimal wellness we seek. “In these unprecedented times” I myself have taken to becoming what I eat. That is, I eat a lot of Chunky Monkey ice cream. Some people are taking …

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60 Minutes To Change Your Life

New year, new beginnings… at least that’s what the marketing machines in the wellness space tell us. There is no absence of advice on how to proceed every January. Typically, creating this “new you” involves spending more money on gym memberships, supplements, and consultations with “experts.” We’re all very aware that most of the moves …

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Ep. 40 Cancer Hope Coach

In This Episode To say that Tara Ryan is a cancer survivor is an understatement.  She is a champion who has survived multiple diagnoses and surgeries – experiences that have brought her to counseling newly diagnosed cancer patients. On today’s podcast, Tara speaks with Neal about her story, from her first diagnosis to losing own father to cancer. …

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Ep. 22 Your Wellness Journey: Own The Means, Own The End

In This Episode On today’s program, Neal is joined by life & fitness coach and social worker Zack Bodenweber.  He and Neal talk about how the idea of happiness gets exploited and what this culture of instant gratification has done to our minds and bodies. They also explore the importance of scheduling downtime, good breathing techniques, and even offer some book recommendations.  Topics …

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