Ep. 19 How To Sleep Well

In This Episode Today, Neal is joined by yet another Neil! Dr. Neil Stanley is one of the foremost sleep specialists and he has conducted many clinical sleep studies, published 38 peer-reviewed papers, and is author of the book How To Sleep Well. He and Neal talk about insomnia, sleep cycles, and the role of melatonin. They …

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Ep. 10 Fandom & Wellness Fanaticism

In This Episode The idea of a superfan has become ubiquitous, but have you given thought to the psychology of it? Neal’s guest, author Zoe Fraade-Blanar has done just that. She talks to Neal about the rise of superfandom and its acceptance in modern society; the philosophical concept of fandom; what’s good about it, what’s …

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Ep. 8 Yoga: A Path For Healing

In This Episode Yoga is the centuries-old practice of stretching and breathing to help quiet the mind and keep the body fit, yet it has a stigma of being only for a certain type of person. Neal is joined by yoga instructor, Tara Sanders to examine the possibilities of the practice. Tara specializes in trauma-informed …

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CBD By The Numbers

I believe that once the legal fog has lifted off of CBD and cannabis-related products, the world will be a better place. That’s not hyperbole; based on the available evidence and overwhelming anecdotes, coupled with the high-stress nature of our American lives, I believe CBD will be a game changer in the management of stress, …

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Mindfulness and Meditation

Let’s start out by getting some important information out of the way. The stigma surrounding mental health is still generally negative. People who deal with mental health issues or those who go to therapy are often seen as “weak” – a belief held more by older than younger generations. This macho stance is often a …

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