Ep. 8 The Bad Roommate in Your Head

In This Episode Today’s episode is our first of many centering around Mental Well-Being. Dr. Neal Smoller and Mark DeCicco speak with clinical psychologist, Dr. Lawrence Dresdale. The gang discusses the current state of American mental health, pain and suffering, and the “Bad Roommate in Your Head.” This episode highlights the interdependent nature of the …

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Ep. 7 Myths of Stretching

In This Episode In this episode of Wellness Upside Down, Dr. Neal and Mark confront popular misconceptions about stretching. They will address three myths and discuss Neal’s reaction when an Apothecary patient inquired about Amino Acids. They’ll share compelling reasons for consistent stretching and ways to get started. They will also share critical tools for …

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The Traitors

When I talk about menopause with women of age, I explain that there are two main sources of estrogen and progesterone: the ovaries and the adrenal glands. Your stress throughout your life makes the adrenal gland’s hormones go a bit bonkers, but you just don’t notice it. This is because the ovaries are pumping out …

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Ep. 87 Scream Therapy

In This Episode Tensions are high as we wait to find out who won the soul of America, so Neal and Daena revisit the media and stress. They examine how partisan media has created two different realities that have sharply divided the nation. Neal points out how we inadvertently play into it, and how it …

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The Rant: Vote

Everything sucks. Tension is at an all-time high. This is an extremely difficult time to be alive, even for us Americans who mostly have had it pretty cushy. Two sides are seemingly at war. They’ve given up on each other. Folks are pointing fingers, stating how “woke” they are compared to their “foe.” Everyone’s exhausted …

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