Holistic Pharmacist

Ep. 14 Gobble Gobbledygook

In This Episode Happy Thanksgiving folks! What comes with the holiday season, of course, are all the mouthwatering food, desserts, and the extra 20lbs by the end of the weekend! This supposedly inevitable truth has been ingrained in us ever since we first had that mouthful of turkey stuffing. Or perhaps the question becomes…How can …

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Ep. 8 The Bad Roommate in Your Head

In This Episode Today’s episode is our first of many centering around Mental Well-Being. Dr. Neal Smoller and Mark DeCicco speak with clinical psychologist, Dr. Lawrence Dresdale. The gang discusses the current state of American mental health, pain and suffering, and the “Bad Roommate in Your Head.” This episode highlights the interdependent nature of the …

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Ep. 7 Myths of Stretching

In This Episode In this episode of Wellness Upside Down, Dr. Neal and Mark confront popular misconceptions about stretching. They will address three myths and discuss Neal’s reaction when an Apothecary patient inquired about Amino Acids. They’ll share compelling reasons for consistent stretching and ways to get started. They will also share critical tools for …

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Ep. 6 The Book of Mark

In This Episode In this episode, Mark DeCicco tells the story of his extreme weight loss journey. In a vulnerable and open conversation, Dr. Neal and Mark reveal the importance of building on losses and overcoming failures. Mark shares the tools that he assembled through trial and error that brought him to the healthy place …

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